THEY improv's MADE Comedy uses mob entertainment to engage audiences!

MADE Comedy brings together top talent to entertain in upscale Italian restaurants around the country.

Below is some explanation of why we use the American mob as a source of entertainment in our shows.

It should also be noted that while often we do shows as a entertaining version of Italian mobsters, we never try to show the American-Italian community in a negative light.

In fact, we clearly demonstrate during our shows that we are not actual mobsters and that we do not feel it represents the community as a whole.

We understand the dangers of romanticizing crime. That is not our intent. Crime is wrong. But the vision of a mobster with the swagger and charm is something worth celebrating.

Why Mob Entertainment

There are a lot of reasons why mob entertainment engages people.


Escape From Reality

People go to entertainment to get away from their everyday lives. Having a world to escape to is a great way to completely lose oneself. They enter a whole new world with characters that they don't normally run into during their normal day. It is escapism at its best.


Living a Romanticized Lifestyle

From movies, TV shows and games that people play, the whole lifestyle is romanticized. The mobsters were larger than life and people would fantasize about entering that world. Our shows let people play pretend for a night and safely enter the world of make believe.


Walk on the Wild Side

Being engaged in entertainment as criminals allows a safe environment to release negative emotions and toy with letting the bad side peek out.


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