MADE Comedy brings together top talent to entertain in upscale Italian restaurants around the country.

With murder mystery dinners, singers, magic, improv and stand-up comedy. and game shows, we have entertainment that can meet the needs of almost any restaurant.

Murder Mystery

Murder Mysteries

Mobsters and murder mysteries go together like mobsters and murder mysteries! Let us show you how we can entertain your mobs!

Stand Up Comedy

Stand-Up Comedy

Our comedians know where the bodies are buried, so to speak. Contact us to find the right comedy for your group!

Improv Comedy

Improv Comedy

Our improv comedy shows can be conducted as mobsters to engage your audience in a family environment.



We have a variety of options of fun characters and singers to entertain your crowd.

Once you decide that a show might be something that you want to bring in, simply contact us with no obligation to find out more.


What are the steps to hiring us?


Give Us a Call or Email Us

The first step is to get hold of us to begin the process.
You can call us at 866-219-4386 toll-free.
You can email at

There is never an obligation of any type until a contract is signed. We will provide all the booking information you need should you ask.


Describe Your Venue

In order to determine the best approaches to your location we need to have a feel for the space. This needs to include the lighting and acoustics of the room. Also let us know what equipment might be available such as microphones and the like.


Let Us Know the Size of Your Audience

We know it wil be an estimate, but it can give us a starting off point for determining the best approach. We need to not just know how many, but how many will be able to see the same spot in the room at the same time.


Come Up With a Proposed Date

If we can know when you want to have the show, along with the other information, we can then come up with a proposal.


Consider Our Proposal

We will come up with a variety of ideas, but once we have settled on an approach we will prepare a proposal for your signature.

Once you have agreed to our proposal, we move towards the event.


We help build successful events!


Marketing Plan

We have different levels that we can get involved with PR and marketing to help sell your event. We default at having you market the event, but if you want to hire us to take a more active role, just ask.


Confirming the Event

We confirm with you a couple of days before the event about the size of the group and whether any changes to the plan have to be made. We can even scale the event up or down to accommodate such changes.


Perform the Show

Even on the event night we can adapt to the audience and best ensure that the audience has a good time. We will confer with you during the show to see if you have any issues or want any changes.


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