Bringing in our MADE Comedians can help raise any event to the next level. We provide comedians that either play the show as mobsters or talk about mob life. This can enhance the experience of attendees, can improve marketing of an event and give a sense of familiarity with the subject matter.

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Bringing our MADE Comedians can help with marketing your events. This includes becoming more popular with the press because it makes your event stand out from others, and provides you with the opportunity to provide Italian dinners. This gives you new sources of revenue.

We can custom tailor any evening to have our mob entertain yours. This is a great way to let your guests dress as mobsters and to escape reality for a while. 


Stand-up comedy is often considered the industry standard. For these shows we can provide:

1) A Mob Show: This is where we provide characters that turn the whole evening into mob event. This invites audience members to play members of the mob and becomes more of a dinner party event.

2) Mob Comedians: This is a show where the comedians play as mobsters but don't interact as much with the audience.

3) Mob-Based Comedy: This is a show where the comedians provide commentary about the mob and the impact on society.

4) Old-School Comedy: This is a show with comedians from the neighborhood, so to speak. So it has more of an old-school Italian feel as opposed to the mob.

It should be noted that nothing that we do is ever intended to denigrate in any way the Italian-American community. In fact, the opposite is the case. We relish in the history and achievements of the Italian-American community and the intention is to celebrate, not denigrate.

We can also customize a show to any needs that you have, just ask!


We have four basic approaches that can shift to your needs.

stand up

Stand-Up Comedy

We provide a variety of stand-up shows that could have a feel of a mob event, could be jokes about the mob, could be mob characters performing, or it could just be a set of Italian old-school comics.

improv comedy

Improv Comedy

We have an improv comedy show where it's a dinner show of mobsters with fellow MADE Comics performing for their 'family' and friends!

fun characters

Rat Pack Shows - Fun Characters

In a tribute show we sing and interact with the audiences. These tend to cost a bit more and have less availability due to demand, but we can discuss possibilities with you. We can also simply provide fun characters to interact with your crowd!

be a mobster

Be a Mobster

This is a comedy show designed to teach audience members how to be a mobster. We teach the swagger, slang and attitude that goes into being a MADE Comic while getting laughs along the way.


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