How to join MADE Comedy's Performers

MADE Comedy brings together top talent to entertain in upscale Italian restaurants around the country.

As such, we are constantly looking for new performers to work with us.

You must have at least three years of experience performing in front of live audiences and be able to perform clean comedy shows.

If you want to reach out, simply email us at and include a picture of some kind, or a head shot if you have one, and a resume or time-line showing your past performances.

We look forward to hearing from you and having you join us as a performer.

We understand the dangers of romanticizing crime. That is not our intent. Crime is wrong. But the vision of a mobster with the swagger and charm is something worth celebrating.

Joining MADE Comedy

We want you to join us


Must have 3 years of experience

This includes performing shows in front of live audiences


Must be able to maintain character

You should be able to maintain a character during interactive shows and stay true to your character.


Must be professional

This means that you are expected to show up on time, or even early, be prepared and be dressed appropriately for the part. You will have to be friendly, even if audience members are treating you wrong, and you must be able to be in a good mood no matter what life throws at you.

We may or may not have shows in your area in a timely manner. Nothing on this site should constitute a promise of employment or of a guarantee of a future in the business.

We hope that we get an opportunity to work with you and to have fun as together we create what is MADE Comedy.


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