Yes, we are mob comedy! So, yes! We have mob themed murder mystery parties.

But beyond simply saying "Mobsters" there are variants within that theme.

The Modern Mob - Our most popular is the basic scenario. You have the head of the local mob, you have his wife, you have his Consigliari, and you have a rival.

The Roaring 20's - This is a throwback version of the scenario above to be for the mob of the Prohibition Era.

The Alderman - Another 1920's scenario involves the election of a local politician elected by both the north and south side mobs.

The Politician - No meeting of the mob would be complete without a politician trying to curry favor. We usually incorporate local political issues.

It's a Zoo - The mob moves into a lot of strange areas. In this case, the mob is looking to develop and take advantage of a new zoo being proposed. The event is a meeting of the "supporters of the zoo" meeting various people responsible for the success of the zoo who aren't too happy to find out about the mob involvement. We can replace the zoo with any charity or civic endeavor to provide more variation.

The Godmother - Our answer to the Godfather, she is killed and various mobsters running the families beneath her are the suspects.

We also have many non-mob scenarios that we can provide if you have an interest. Simply ask and we'll be glad to discuss them with you.


Simply talk to us to find the best solution for your murder mystery event needs!

Participation Events

Participation Events

These tend to have your people serving as the characters and most are usually mobsters of some type. We have a lot of scenarios including all of the above.

Frick and Frack

Frick & Frack Show

We make these shows up on the fly, so we can literally provide any theme that you like.

Straight Murder

The Straight Murder

Beyond the scenarios that are listed above, we have the ability to customize to any scenario that you can come up with. 

Gala Murder

The Gala Mystery

Even more so that the straight shows, the gala setting allows us to add a lot of characters and a lot more complexity to the plots involved.

Simply reach out to discuss your venue and audience and we will work with you to come up with the best scenarios for your group.

Likewise, for repeating shows, we can change scenarios from show to show to provide a variety and to allow people to return and not see the same show twice.

And if we do repeat scenarios, we often change the murderer as well as adjust to the audience so that the details might change as an evening progresses. 

All of our performers are skilled improvisers and we look forward to bring those skills to your group!

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