THEY improv's Italian Restaurant comedy shows!

MADE Comedy was created by THEY improv, a leader in corporate entertainment. The idea was to bring together top talent to entertain in upscale Italian restaurants around the country.

We provide improv comedy, game shows and murder mystery dinners. These forms of entertainment can be combined in different approaches to entertain groups of all types and all ages.

Additionally, as we've proven as THEY improv, we provide corporate training programs. Using a lot of the techniques that we already have and combining those with a mob mentality, we can create specialized training programs that can entertain as well as train.

THEY improv started in 2004 / 2005 and began performing charity events. We like helping when we can and have a special place in our heart for charity shows.

If you would like to bring entertainment to your venue, simply contact us to learn how we can help your venue get to the next level!

improv comedy

THEY improv

Our main company. THEY improv provides entertainment throughout the US and abroad.

destination team building

Destination Team Buliding

We provide team building at resorts and destinations around the world.

murder therapy

Murder Therapy

Our murder mystery programs have therapeutic benefits that we use to help others.

safety training

THEY Safety Training

Entertainment can help participants in workshops to retain knowledge and to become safer employees.

tropical punch improv

Tropical Punch Improv

Our other public arm, Tropical Punch provides comedy of various types for clubs and venues around the country.

faith based improv

Faith-Based Improv

We provide faith-based entertainment for groups of faith.


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