When you are involved with our mob, you are part of our family. Nothing bonds employees more than that!

THEY improv leads team building programs across the country with a wide range of options. One such option is treating your employees as if they are all part of the same mob.

The elements that people celebrate about the mob are exactly the characteristics that people look to engender in effective teams.





With our MADE Comedians running your team building effort, we help to get across these ideals while getting your people to laugh along the way. After all, many employees resent training programs and feel that they are a waste of time. By having the events be comedic in nature, you improve audience participation and get them to feel appreciated by your company.

Simply contact us to determine the best approach to your corporate training needs.


There are many ways to learn from the our mob!

corporate training

Corporate Training

We can help you employees to learn and retain information by coaching the lessons in a mobster framework. It gets employees laughing and learning at the same time.

team building

Team Building

There's something to be said about being more than coworkers. We help to get your team being more of a family.

leadership skills

Leadership Skills

Mobsters are known for being Alpha individuals. These same traits are effective in leading groups. We use the humor of the mob to improve leadership skills.

being a mobster

Being a Mobster

This is training that teaches participants how to act like a mobster and explains how such approaches can improve business performance.

We come to you!

Let us know your needs and what you hope to achieve. We will then come up with some options and pricing for helping your training programs.

We look forward to hearing from you and making this happen at any venue that you choose.


Reach out to us by calling 866-219-4386 or by emailing us at info@madecomedy.com.


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